Shopify Plus Admin Extensions

Customizing your Shopify Plus Admin with a custom app is one of the powerful new features rolled out as part of Shopify Winter Editions 2023

Shopify Plus customers can now use custom apps to begin building custom Shopify Plus Admin plugins and have more control over their Shopify Plus Admin.

With the Shopify Plus Admin components you can use Shopify's native UI to provide a streamline workflow for your staff. This comes as a much needed feature to Shopify Plus since up until now this was not possible.

Some of the Components you can add to your Shopify Plus Admin panel from the Shopify Plus Admin Extension Github repo are.

Each of these components can be added to your Shopify Plus Admin at various extension points. These are locations in the admin you can add your components or set of components and have them render.

You can not render components outside of the extension points locations.