We Build Shopify Apps!

Looking for some great apps to get your store converting customers yesterday? We thought so. Kamari Labs builds powerful ecommerce apps for Shopify. Based in Newport Beach, California. Kamari Labs has built dozens of apps for clients and the masses. See some of our commercial projects below.

  • Product Countdown
    Product Countdown Timer for Shopify

    Product Countdown timer for Shopify allows you to add a timer to any product in your store. You can attach discount codes, show the offer in a popup, and even control when it starts counting down from (based on visit or based on a set date). With Product Countdown Timer for Shopify you can easily promote sales, entice purchases with time limits, and get more mileage out of your Shopify store. Get a 14 day FREE trial today and see how Product Countdown Timer can help your Shop sell more!

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  • Metarific
    SEO Meta Tag Editor App for Shopify

    Make SEO simple and fun with Metarific. Our fully featured SEO meta tagging tool is a must have for any Shopify store owner who wants to convert more customers or attract them.

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  • Answers Easy
    The Best Customer Support App for Shopify

    Answers Easy streamlines your customer support. With Answers Easy you will know at a glance what your customers are searching for and how you can help them find it better. Don't be left in the dark. Sign up for a FREE trial today and start predicting support issues before they happen.

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