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We are a digital marketing agency based in Newport Beach, CA. We help bring your ideas to life on the digital frontier. From 100% responsive Shopify template designs to custom web applications that streamline your business, Kamari Labs has you covered.

While we specialize in custom Shopify themes and or apps we also offer a variety of other web services to meet your needs.

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Responsive Design

Each custom Shopify theme we create gets the "full responsive treatment". This ensures your online store is prepared to serve the vast mobile and tablet market with the same quality experience as the users on desktop machines.


Our passion for well written syntactically sound code is where we shine. We write code for humans first and machines second. We massage each project into a digital work of art. Let us show you how!

Customer Support

We understand the playing field. When you send us a support request we unleash a team of ninjas to decend upon the problem with grace and conviction. Each support request is handled as top priority.
No exceptions!

Latest Technology

We take care of the tech stuff, so you can run your business! We use the latest and greatest tools to ensure your Shopify theme, Shopify App, or custom project will be future-proof for years to come!

What we offer

Our success is a result of hard work, dedication to excellence, and a comprehensive understanding of the landscape.

Digital Marketing

As a professional digital marketing agency based in Newport Beach, CA we take your most complex ideas and turn them into elegant digital experiences, that are sure to keep your customers coming back for more. Don't waste time. Contact us today and let us become your leading Newport Beach, California digital marketing agency.

Custom Shopify Apps

Need a custom solution for your ecommerce business? No problem! We build world class Shopify (commercial and private) apps that make using your shop a breeze. Some of the apps we have built for clients are Shopify inventory apps, Shopify custom pricing apps, Shopify discount apps, Shopify countdown apps, integrated interactive maps and content, Shopify product customizers, unicorn apps, and much much more.

SEO & Optimized Code

We don't stop delivering excellence with your design. We ensure all code is SEO friendly, uses the most up to date practices possible, and ensure search engine domination when possible. A great looking site without SEO is not so great. Search engine optimization brings in the customers and should be top priority for any serious shop owner.

Motion Graphics

We produce high quality motion graphics for your website. Need an explainer video for your Shopify store? Need to explain an upcoming sale? Our team of motion graphics artists can bring your ideas to life on the small screen.

What we do

We build apps for the Shopify platform. When we're not busy saving the world from imminent danger, we develop clean useful e-commerce sites and apps for a myriad of satisfied Shopify clients.

  • 100% Made in America
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • FREE Email Support
  • Eco-Friendly

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We offer 3 monthly packages for your convenience. You simply sign up and we will support your shop for the lifetime of your subscription. It's that simple!
Cancell anytime, no contracts, money back garaunteed.

  • Starfish
  • $99/mo

  • 2-4 Hours per month.
  • App Setups
  • Slider setups
  • Menu Setups
  • Page Setups
  • Theme Settings & Setup
  • FREE Email Support
  • Cancel anytime (No contracts!)
  • Swordfish
  • $299.99/mo

  • 6-8 Hours per month.
  • Social Media Management (1 account)
  • Mahi Mahi: plus (items below).
  • Image & Content Creation
  • 5 SEO Revisions
  • SEO Analysis and Suggestions
  • Social Media Monitoring & Promotion
  • Email Marketing Assistance
  • 24/7 Contact Number
  • Cancel anytime (No contracts!)
  • Orka
  • $499/mo

  • 10-12 Hours per month.
  • Social Media Management (3 accounts)
  • Swordfish: plus (items below).
  • SEO monitoring & Reporting
  • Priority Support
  • Free copy of our Shopify App Product Countdown (installed)
  • Free copy of our Custom Shopify Rewards Points App.
  • Video & Email Marketing
  • 24/7 Contact Number
  • Cancel anytime (No contracts!)

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